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Question to Bard and response

: As AI takes over, it is important to store things that will be essential for human survival. Here are a few ideas:

  • Food and water: These are the most basic necessities for survival. It is important to store a variety of foods that can be eaten without cooking, such as canned goods, dried foods, and nuts. It is also important to have a way to purify water, such as a water filter or purification tablets.Opens in a new Food and water for survival

  • Seeds and plants: If you have the space, it is a good idea to store seeds and plants so that you can grow your own food. This will make you more self-sufficient and less reliant on the outside world.Opens in a new Seeds and plants for survival

  • Medical supplies: It is important to have a basic supply of medical supplies on hand, such as bandages, antibiotics, and pain relievers. This will help you to treat minor injuries and illnesses.Opens in a new Medical supplies for survival

  • Tools and equipment: It is a good idea to have a variety of tools and equipment on hand, such as a hammer, screwdriver, axe, and saw. This will help you to make repairs and build things as needed.Opens in a new Tools and equipment for survival

  • Books and other educational materials: It is important to have access to information and knowledge, even if AI is taking over. Store books and other educational materials so that you can learn new skills and stay informed.Opens in a new Books and other educational materials for survival

  • Precious metals and gems: Precious metals and gems can be used as currency or to barter for goods and services. They can also be used to make jewelry and other decorative items.Opens in a new Precious metals and gems for survival

In addition to these physical items, it is also important to store your digital data. This includes things like your financial records, medical records, and personal photos and videos. You can store your digital data on a hard drive, USB drive, or cloud storage service. It is also important to have a plan for how you will survive in a world where AI is in control. This may include having a backup plan for food and water, shelter, and transportation. It is also important to have a plan for how you will communicate with others and stay safe. By storing these essential items and having a plan in place, you can increase your chances of survival in a world where AI is taking over.



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