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1.) We do not file logos and names in the same application, we can discuss your logo, but the name alone is most important. A name and logo together results in an unenforceable trademark registration. 

2.) Vet your chosen name. Here are the general rules:


    Five Rules of Naming

  1. Do not describe your service/product in the name​

  2. No surnames

  3. No place names

  4. Spelling does not matter, just how it sounds

  5. Foreign words can work, but they will be translated and conflicted with the English translation

  6. Do not describe your product in the name

3.) Go to: > Search Trademarks

  • Look for obvious conflicts, remember spelling does not matter, how the word sounds is important.

  • Identical or similar names can sometimes co-exist in different Classes of goods. 

  • When you search you will see both registered marks (with a Reg. #) and applications (Serial # only), and active and dead marks and applications, pay attention as a dead mark is not a conflict.

4.)  Schedule a Free Consulation call or Zoom meeting directly with Ross Brandborg using the corresponding button below.

Please Feel Free to Schedule a Call. Below are some topics to consider for our discussion. 

Schedule Your Free Call

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