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Are you thinking about registering a trademark for your business? Download this free ebook first. Written by Ross Brandborg, U.S. Patent Attorney, you'll find out what you really need to know about names, trademark protection, and the USPTO registration process. 

Free eBook: A No-Nonsense Guide to Trademarks for Your Business

Areas of Practice

Our patent attorney provides legal services such as a patent search and clearance opinion, provissional, design, and utility patent filing, patent monitoring, and representation in patent disputes.

At FireCastle.Zone, we provide trademark services including a trademark search and clearance opinion, USPTO registration, trademark dispute representation, and trademark monitoring. 

We advise on copyright ownership and infringement issues, including investigating possible infringement and representing clients in copyright disputes.

We help clients protect trade secrets during the patent application process, and advise on compliance with state and federal trade secret laws, including the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA). 

Ross Brandborg

About Us

“At FireCastle.Zone we give the communication, attention, and guidance a client needs. We offer a personalized legal experience with the freedoms of the internet. Work with Attorneys to protect your rights .”

Ross Brandborg U.S. Patent Attorney

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Ross Brandborg

United States Patent Attorney

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Draft Response to USPTO Office Action (Trademark)

UpCounsel. Jan 22, 2023

"After some skeptical encounters with other attorneys, Ross put us at ease with his knowledge and concise feedback on our trademark case. Very glad to have chosen him for the case and will look forward to business with him in the future. This guy is a must have for your team! Thank you Ross!!!"

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