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Hiring Instructions

Step 1: Schedule Your Free Consultation with Ross Brandborg

1. Guaranteed Direct Access to Your Trademark Attorney, Unlike other online trademark services, when you file a trademark with FireCastle, you will work directly wi​th your attorney via phone or Zoom. No agents, representatives, or paralegals to deal with. Just you and your attorney.

Step 2: Hire Ross to Conduct Your Trademark Search and Clearance

2. Guaranteed Comprehensive Trademark Searches. Many online trademark services rely only on your date entry into their form to conduct a trademark search. Or even worse, no search is performed and your input values are directly used to apply for your trademark. With FireCastle, you attain personalized guidance and strategy throughout the search and clearance process. Additionally, if your first mark does not pass our clearance process, we will work with you on additional searches at no extra charge to you.

Step 3: Hire Ross for Trademark Filing and Representation

Step 4: Sit Back and Relax. 

3, Guaranteed Accurate and Complete Applications. Online services often rely on users to input their own information, which increases the likelihood of errors or incomplete filings. Even small mistakes or missing details in the application lead to costly delays, rejections, or even the loss of your trademark rights. With FireCastle, your attorney ensures your application is accurate, complete, and meets all of the requirements for the USPTO examining attorney.

4. Rest Assured Ongoing Support and Monitoring. Once your trademark application has been filed, your attorney monitors your application and responds to any USPTO office actions. After your trademark has been issued and registered, it will remain in our monitoring system for notification of the five-year maintenance documents at no extra charge to you.  

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