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Here are some non-legal considerations when picking a name or a slogan.

Value Talk

Do people at a party talk about your product? Do they talk about your advertising? People like to share things that make them seem smart or with some inside knowledge. If you have a product or service that lends itself to this great, use that. You can always find a creative way of naming or branding that can lead party revelers to discuss an everyday product.


Does your slogan or brand cross the minds of consumers, and if so, how often. Things that get discussed are seen or heard by people in their everyday life. When a consumer goes to or sees the refrigerator they are reminded of things they need at the grocery store. Refrigerator = I need Milk. “Got Milk?” Words or things that remind customers of your brand will go a long way in driving business.


Things get talked about because they have an emotional effect on people. Video of a soldier coming home to his or her family creates an emotion that will likely get that heartwarming video shared, possibility even viral. Having an emotional element in an ad campaign can be a powerful tool.


These are like reminders to some extent. Is your logo, or name visible on a product such as to be its own advertising.

These are just some considerations when branding, without taking in the legal considerations.

Here are some other

good ideas when picking a name.


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